10 October 2007


That's right. Sexy is now spelled with a Z, like in Charlize.

Monstrously hot Charlize Theron was named sexiest woman alive in the new issue of Esquire, which arrived at my house yesterday. She's come along way in the nine years since "Mighty Joe Young."

I actually guessed who it was last month, and admitting why won't win me any cool points. There were a couple of clues in the magazine: One, that she wasn't American. And two, that her name was an anagram of the company that invented the remote control. Well, I'm a child of the '70s, and my dad's second career, after retiring from the Navy, was as a TV repairman. Yes, that's right, I knew Zenith invented the remote control. (Still not sure how they rearrange all the letters in the name, but the Z and the TH gave it away for me.)

Creepiest Charlize moment? When she kisses her alleged brother full on the lips in "Reindeer Games." That was even more of a turnoff than seeing her as an ugly mass-murderer in "Monster."

* More on the Esquire nomination (with another smoking-hot pic).
* More on the letter Z.

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Dav said...

Yea Charlize is one very fine sexy girl. I liked her Martini advertisment the most. Thought it was realy wonderful! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9EbFvgTXeM