16 October 2007

Sorry gang

The blog comments have been a free-for-all since I launched the blog, mostly because I hoped it would foster dialog, discussion and humor from the readers. But one particular dunderhead can't seem to understand that it's not the place for personal attacks -- against me, my wife, my friends, my co-workers or anyone else (save for the celebrities who deserve it and the editors of Seventeen magazine).

You've probably been reading the comments, so you probably know who we're talking about, although his/her alias has varied greatly. I've tried asking nicely. I've tried sarcasm. Yet the mean-spirited jabs, grotesque imagery and poor sportsmanship continue. I might even have let it slide if the posts were funny. But that was seldom the case.

Long story much shorter: Comments are now moderated. Sorry. They're still welcomed from anybody who'll follow the above rules. But only registered users can post them.

Please don't stop talking. Especially the dogs.

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