21 October 2007

Sufjan gets to the Alaska disc when?

Pretty sure it wasn't director Sean Penn's goal, but after watching "Into The Wild," all I wanted to do was pack up a few things, go back to Alaska, and get a little homestead property. Clean air, beautiful mountains, and no people.

The movie was good if maybe a bit too celebratory of a man who, let's face it, was probably half crazy. Still, it made me yearn to drop off the grid for a spell.

"Don't call me on the phone
Nothing there to keep me, baby
Sometimes I gotta roam
I'm goin' to Alaska"
-- Shawn Mullins, "Talkin' Goin' to Alaska Blues"

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Anonymous said...

When you drop off the grid, be sure to take some food and firewood and shit. -- Heidi