07 October 2007

Sunday spins (sort of)

Got in from an out-of-town baby shower a little bit ago, so we missed the CD shuffle routine this morning. Instead, I'll share some of what Jenn and I listened to during the eight-plus hours in the car this weekend:

* Of Montreal
* ELO (shuttup. I love them)
* Sufjan Stevens
* Arcade Fire
* David Gray ("Flesh," which isn't one of his wussy albums)
* White Stripes and The Raconteurs

So it was good to catch up with some old friends, both at the shower and through the speakers. I'm going to sleep now.


Judy Garland said...

Again, quit pretending you an esoteric music critic for the New York Times. Nobody cares what you are listening to, besides we all know you're listening to show tunes when you are alone. LMAO.

Brad Barnes said...

i'm amazed that someone who seems to hate me keeps diligently reading every day. maybe it's my witty banter? maybe it's my hunky shoulder? either way, i'm flattered.

David Lee Roth said...

Aww punkin, we don't hate you. Lighten up. Can't you take a joke?

Anonymous said...


I love the new picture. Much more mature.

Tina said...

Everyone loves you, you are way cool.

Brad Barnes said...

i was just tired of seeing my mug all over the blog, the weekend picks at l-e.com and on the tuesday column in the paper. it also reminds me of a really cool national park in cambodia, where jenn shot the picture when i (obviously) wasn't looking.