03 October 2007

Television tunnelvision

It's been a pretty lousy new TV season, by and large -- at least for someone who eschews the so-called "reality TV" so-called "genre." I had high hopes for "Bionic Woman," but it looks like the woman they cast as Jaime Sommers might kill the deal. Horrid, horrid acting. But I like the show's dark edge and new-millennium facelift. Maybe young Michelle Ryan will come along. I was also glad to see the creative premise of "Chuck," and my hopes were rewarded with a great pilot. Unfortunately, it was followed by a lackluster second ep. I'll give it another week to hit its running.

The last great hope for this season might be tonight, with ABC's "Pushing Daisies." It's kinda hard to explain. It's a procedural show, a romance and a black comedy about a man with the power to reanimate the dead -- at least temporarily. And it looks like it was filmed with the "Big Fish" color scheme. If not our new "Twin Peaks," it could at least be our new "Northern Exposure."

*"Pushing Daisies" is on tonight at 8 EDT, on ABC.

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