02 October 2007

'War'-ry warts

Just finished what was, I think, the 15th and final hour of Ken Burns' "The War" -- his doc on World War the Second. I'm a little bleary right now. Shell-shocked, as they would've said in the '40s.

It was good. It wasn't great.

While I learned a bunch of stuff I didn't know about the war, like the strategies that I'd somehow avoided and even the order of events, I was sort of disappointed at his superficial treatment of some of the subjects. The A-bomb, for instance, just appears, with no discussion of the time or science invested in its invention. There was also almost no information on why Germany, Japan and Italy began their campaign, as it starts with the U.S.'s entry at the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Still, the individual stories were powerful.

And I can unequivocally say that the Norah Jones song is lousy. Overwrought, claustrophobically breathy and, well, hokey. Ugh.

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