21 November 2007

Am I lovin' it? Yes. Yes I am.

I'm sort of a connoisseur of breakfast burritos. Which may explain why I've been on Lipitor since I was in my 20s. Anyway, one of my greatest regrets about coming to this fair city was its distinct lack of Whataburgers, which serve up the best of the breakfast-on-a-tortilla dishes -- the Breakfast Taquito. You can get it with sausage or bacon, but with steaming, fried potato inside is the best way. There's American cheese melted over the whole concoction, and I usually juice it up with some salsa inside. Yummmm. It's whitetrashtastic.

Sonic's jumbo loaded one is good, but a little overdone. Really, I'd just started making them at home, which is a tasty solution, but a bit labor intensive. For a quick fix, I'd drop in into a Mickey D's and get their two-burrito combo meal. They've got sausage bits and no potato, but they do fine in a pinch.

But now, now the Arches are offering the McSkillet Burrito, though, and it promised to be different. It's big, with real, live hash brown potatoes inside. Still, I wasn't sure how I felt about the sausage patties in there. That's the meal, there on the right.

So Sorich and I had a taste-test. The results? Surprisingly not bad. Far less rubbery than the little two-burrito version, and as you may guess, that's a good thing. The sausage wasn't so heavy that it was distracting. Though it claimed to be doused with "salsa rojo," it was awfully dry. But adding a little picante inside would've cured that. If I had any.

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