27 November 2007

But can you... sit on it?

Downtown Milwaukee is planning to put up a big bronze statue in honor of Arthur Fonzarelli. Seriously.

Eh. I guess it's better than having a statue of Rocky Balboa atop the steps of a museum. Best of all, though, are the "Bronze the Fonz" shirts they're selling to raise money for the effort. I'd have though all they needed to do was have a fundraiser where Henry Winkler performs another daring ski jump over a shark tank. What do I know?

Here's The Fonz, with on-show girlfriend played by Linda Purl. I had a huge crush on Purl, but my fascination ended, strangely, the moment she appeared as Ben Matlock's daughter...

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cath said...

wasn't there a Family Guy episode where Peter formed the Church of the Fonz?