16 November 2007

Cold weather, Hot-lanta

The Big Azy's got a bunch of good shows coming in the next few days. When did this happen? So get out your pocket planner...

* I put Saturday's Swell Season show in my weekend picks on L-E.com. Read about it there.

* Sunday, the ever-lovin' Hold Steady are at the Variety Playhouse. Yeah, I'm tired of all the Springsteen comparisons too. But I love these guys.

* Of Montreal, whose work gets better and better with every listen, play the Variety on Tuesday. Why, oh why, couldn't it be Wednesday, when we're all offa work on Thursday? I guess that's why god made sick days, right? (Don't read this, Dawn.)

* And, as mentioned below, Zookeeper's at The EARL -- probably my favorite Atlanta haunt these days -- on Nov. 26.

"Boredom murders the heart of our age
while sanguinary creeps take the stage
Boredom strangles the life from the printed page"
-- Of Montreal, "Forecast Facist Future"

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