28 November 2007

Blue light special

Interpol, the band, not the arresting body, is releasing a six-track live EP exclusively to indie music stores, beginning today. The disc is available to stores that are part of the Think Indie consortium, including Atlanta's Criminal Records and Laser's Edge in Birmingham. The songs were recorded in London on July 2, 2007. They're all songs from their first and latest records, so don't look for any unheard tracks.

Never mind the irony that it's only available to indie stores that are part of a consortium ("We're indie, but we're networked!"). It's still cool that the band is doing this as a boon to the mom-and-pops. But we're kidding ourselves if we believe that "the album" and "the EP" -- the physical artifacts of them, at least -- will be history within a decade. If the indie stores can hang on until then, great, but the Virgin stores, FYEs and all the big chains won't survive the digital delivery either, I'm guessing.

"Time everlasting
Time to play b-sides
Time ain't on my side
Time I'll never know"
-- Blue Oyster Cult, "Burnin' For You"

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