26 November 2007

Jerry's stein filled

Just had a woman call to ask me when the "Steinfeld" show was scheduled for Columbus. (It's true, as readers of the L-E already know from reading this.) Uh, if you can't say his name, you don't get to go to the show.

I also got an e-mail from a concerned person who's already found tickets being advertised by ticket resellers, offering orchestra seats for $240. The e-mailer was asking if such scalping is legal, and it well may be. Georgia has some special prohibitions on scalping but doesn't out-and-out prohibit it. Free market, yada yada yada.

Most curious to me is that these seats are being offered for sale before the Dec. 8 on-sale date...

Yar! Will ye be drinking a pint o' rum
from yer stein, then?

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