20 November 2007

Moronic Moment of the Month*

*brought to you, as always, by Seventeen magazine

Since it's almost December, thought I'd better get off my keister and spend a little quality time with the November Seventeen magazine. Boy, was I rewarded with a heaping pile of moronicity. Here are the highlights. Click the pics for closeups, to read the text...

A snippet from a promising feature encouraging young girls to become activists actually suggests that "artsy girls" who want to help animals should exercise their creativity by, well, by downloading pictures and putting them on her computer as wallpaper. Wow.

Then there's this bit from a collection of ways to spice up a date. Catching a matinee after an early meal is a fine idea, of course. But they suggest making that meal -- get this -- a bagel and Gatorade? What the...? This must just be some sick sort of product placement. But I think that combination would churn in my stomach until midway through that "Beowulf" preview, at which point I'd reenact the John Belushi zit scene from "Animal House."

But most moronic of all is this bit, which rivals the classic "What's that smell?" chart. It's even got a similar image of a girl checking out her own panties. Just be thankful I cut the chart off before it got to the words "cottage cheese." I kid not.

(Last month's installment)


Maggie&Bandit said...

We absolutely preferred the What's That Smell version of the article. After all, we're scent hounds.

cath said...

...words fail me.