20 November 2007

Oh movies, where art thou?

After "Lady Chatterley" (giggle), which ends its Columbus run Thursday, there's no art-house feature coming in next week. But don't fear, Carmike is just taking a single week off before they, with the Columbus Film Society, bring in another run of films.

Here's the rundown of movies through January, annotated for your convenience:

* Nov. 30: "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" -- Thriller with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Marissa Tomei, Ethan Hawke
* Dec. 7: "Out of the Blue" -- docudrama about a massacre in New Zealand
* Dec. 14: "In the Shadow of the Moon" -- return engagement of the space documentary
* Dec. 21: "Terror's Advocate" -- documentary about attorney Jacques Verges, who defends terrorists
* Dec. 28: "The Boss of it All" -- by the pompous ass Lars von Trier, but it's a comedy, so maybe it's OK
* Jan. 4: "The Last Winter" -- gripping horror film about a pipeline crew in Alaska. Judging by the title, it ends badly...
* Jan. 11: "My Kid Could Paint That" -- documentary about a controversial child painter
* Jan. 18: "Sleuth" -- Kenneth Branagh directs. Jude Law and Michael Caine star. Medium-rare reviews, though
* Jan. 25: "Control" -- Biopic about Joy Division leader Ian Curtis

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