05 November 2007

Shia LaBusted

Shia LaBeouf, the "Transformers" and "Disturbia" star, was arrested after refusing to leave a Chicago Walgreens on Sunday morning. Why he was intent on staying in the place, no one seem sure. Now if it were a WalMart, we could understand he was dead set on getting his copy of the new Eagles CD, which is only available in WalMarts. Seriously).

He may have been drunk, said the store's security guard. But arresting police said he was courteous, and he was only charged with trespassing misdemeanor. (So no, he won't be shackled with a house-arrest anklet, a la "Disturbia.")

Maybe he was after some Halloween closeout candy. Or an "Even Stevens" DVD gift set. Or, better yet, he was trying to buy the letter 'I' to complete his surname's set of vowels.

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