01 November 2007

Shine on harvest moon

A friend once gave me a mason jar full of "Georgia Shine" as a birthday gift. It wasn't really moonshine, and it was about the worst corn whiskey I'd ever ett.

But maybe there's hope now that a North Carolina's Piedmont Distillery has started selling some of its legitimate 'shine in Georgia. One is called Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine.

Or maybe there's not hope, since the other brand is Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon -- carrying the namesake of a NASCAR driver. Because, you know, there's nothing you should associate drinking with more than driving.

"You're gonna make me spill my beer
If you don't learn how to steer.
Passenger si-ide.
I don't like riding on the passenger side."
-- Wilco, "Passenger Side"

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Maggie&Bandit said...

Mom says that when she was growing up there, there was plenty of moonshine in the Carolina hills but you had to bring your own jars. Figures she'd know that.