15 November 2007

There's a zebra in the kitchen

A buddy asked me last weekend what I've been listening to. Long pause. I realized, with a shock, that I'd been listening to nothing. At least, nothing new. But I've broke the funk with two recent discoveries:

*Zookeeper, "Becoming All Things" -- I get wary when a band is described as "emo." Being as I, you know, hate emo. But this new record is phenomenal. It's got out of tune, melancholy accordians and horns, but it's somehow still upbeat and warm music with a groovy backbeat. If you like Okkervil River, Beirut, or Neutral Milk Hotel, check out this Austin act.

* White Whale, "WWI" -- To be fare, this record's more than a year old. But it's new to me. The band is fronted by Butterglory's Matt Suggs, and the record is sort of a song cycle of sea songs. They sound a little like The Church when they crank up (like on album opener "Nine Good Fingers"), and other times it's moody, barnacle-encrusted alt-rock. Good stuff.

If you dig Zookeeper, you can check them out live at The Earl in Atlanta on Nov. 26.

(And 10 cool points to anyone who gets the headline reference without the benefit of a search engine...)

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Brad Barnes said...

No one? Seriously, no one? Come on, I'm not *that* old, but I remember seeing "Zebra in the Kitchen" at summer camp one year in the 1970s...