02 November 2007

Have a rice day

"Waste time, give people rice and prove you're a dork ... what more can you want ..." So writes my buddy Eric before sending me this link.

It's pretty cool, actually. It's a vocabulary quiz, and the more definitions you guess correctly, the more rice that the advertisers will buy to send to Third World countries. The real dorks (like me) will read the FAQs to see how the quiz quickly evaluates your vocabulary level and caters words to keep you learning as you go.

E says he got to level 45. I got to 41 or 42 before it was becoming apparent to co-workers that I wasn't working at my desk and had to quit. But I think I'd about topped out anyway. Enjoy (or, I should say, "luxuriate," "extol," or the ever popular "savour").

"I’ll never hurt you. I’ll treat you right
Oh Condaleeza, won’t you come out tonight "
-- Steve Earle, "Condi Condi"

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