27 December 2007

90 miles to No River City

Indie music seller Miles of Music, who have great taste in Americana, list "Wolves and Fishes" by Atlanta's No River City as its top seller for 2007. That's over albums by Ryan Adams, Lucinda Williams, Golden Smog and Scott Miller (whose "Citation" maybe should've made my own best-of list).

I'd kind of lost track of NRC several years back. They were an emergency backup opening band at The Loft when I happened to be there celebrating a birthday. (It was mine. I'm old.) And I say "band" even though they were just a duo -- with singer Drew de Man joined by a cellist/bass player. I enjoyed the album they were peddling, "This Is Our North Dakota," even if it didn't blow me away. The new record seems to rework many of those songs along with some new cuts, with a full band, to very good effect.

Wonder what it'd take to bring these guys back down to our city? We may not be Atlanta, but at least we've got a river.

Uhh, nice 'stache.

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