26 December 2007

At the good ol' hockey game...

Almost forgot about this, until Jenn reminded me.

So we're sitting in Row Gajillion at the Cottonmouths game on Christmas night, and it's a pretty heated game, I guess. We're up 2-0, but it's tense, and the large man a row behind me is getting louder and louder as he taunts the opposing team, the Knoxville Ice Bears. It should go without saying that the Ice Bears can't hear him, from his seat in Row Gajillion-And-One.

He dropped the f-bomb, which is a word I'm actually kind of fond of when there aren't lots of children around (including his two daughters, I'm guessing 10 and 6). We let it go. Then he says, to the team who can't hear him, "You (freaking) homo sissy-(arse) (pansies)." An artful and original combination of insults — no offense to The Gays — right? Jenn turns around and says, "Do you mind?" He says, "Sorry, ma'am." I say, "Dude, there are kids everywhere." And his wife, perhaps angry that her husband backed down like a homo sissy-arse pansy, says, "That's what happens at a hockey game. Things get rowdy."

All I could think was, those poor kids.

And now, in honor of the snakes...

Cloud NineKottonmouth Kings
"City 2 City" (mp3)
from "Cloud Nine"
(Suburban Noize Records)
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Allison Kennedy said...

Only in C-town. :)

Brad Barnes said...

i fear not, unfortunately. ... of course, the running joke here is that hockey is "wrestling on ice," right?

maggie&bandit said...

Mom says it could absolutely happen in a couple other places, too. She's pretty sure.