19 December 2007

Axl Rose is a fat bastard

No news really prompted the above statement, except for the fact that he "promised his fans" they would have the "Chinese Democracy" album by Christmas. Who really cares, any more?

Kids who were born the same year the "Use Your Illusion" records came out -- kids who have no firsthand recollection of Gn'R -- are now as old as I was when I heard "Appetite." It's over, Axl.

Oh, and did you know that Izzy Stradlin has released eight fine records in that same time span?


gspence said...

I predict a reality TV show in the future...throw in somebody from 'ugly kid joe,' deluis (from 21 jumpstreet), and it's on!

cath said...

WAS THAT HIM IN THE PICTURE? I did not need to see that. Shades of the LZ cover with Robert Plant looking like the Cowardly Lion and Jimmy Plant looking like Saruman....

FWIW...I have some tracks from Chinese Democracy. Where I got them from, I cannot say. But they're worth listening to and if this fabled lost album is anything approaching "Smile," it'll be worth the wait..