10 December 2007

Bad dog, no biscuit

OK, when you call a bar/restaurant to make sure the kitchen's open on a certain afternoon, and the people answer the phone, and you ask "Do you serve food all day?" and they nicely answer "Yes," and you drive into the downtown of this major metropolitan city, and you spend about 40 minutes trying to find a parking place, and then you just give up and park in a lot that charges $5 a half hour, and then you walk to the bar/restaurant in question, well, then you have the legitimate right to believe that the place will be open, right?

Apparently not. We showed up at the Good Dog Bar starving, post-hangover, at 3 p.m. -- about an hour after we called -- to find out that the place opened at 4. I mean, for crying out loud...

Now I'm going to have to fly back to Philadelphia at some point just to go to this same bar/restaurant, because I have it in my head that these unattainable items -- these roquefort-stuffed hamburgers topped with carmelized onions, and this baked mac & cheese with three gourmet cheeses and a cornflake topping -- have got to be the best damned meals ever.

1 comment:

Allison Kennedy said...

We over here at the Spin Cycle look at that dog eating the cyclist and we say, Ouch.
Sorry about the restaurant. So like you said now you have a reason to go back.