20 December 2007

Bad Santa

I was driving last night on Second Avenue, on Donkey, queued up at a light when I see in the mirror the headlights of a giant SUV bearing down on me. The behemoth whips around me, turning right on red, and I look over to give him the understood nod of "Hello, a-hole," and I see that it's none other than Santa Claus.

Seriously. It was Santa, in his red suit. He was talking on the cellphone, and as he pulled away, I noticed he had a Bush/Cheney sticker on his bumper.

So he's a Republican, and he drives an SUV. Maybe I should've guessed, what with the commercialism of the holiday, and the trickle-down economics of gift buying and all that. At least he was driving a Denali, which is named for a place that's kinda sorta close to the North Pole.

1 comment:

maggie&bandit said...

We're thinking he deserves more than a nod. If you can find where he's parked, we'll help you out.....