04 December 2007

Dave Chappelle vs. Dane Cook?

The AP reports that comedian Dave Chappelle performed comedy for 6 hours, 12 minutes straight -- at his Laugh Factory. This breaks his own record of 6 hours, 7 minutes. Supposedly he did this to protect his record after hearing Dane Cook was planning to break Chappelle's record.

Here's the story.

I don't wanna jump on the "Dane Cook sucks" bandwagon, which is getting more crowded than a hayride at Pope's. But someone should inform Cook that there's a difference between "telling jokes" and making people laugh.

"Time goes slowly, but carries on.
And now the best years have come and gone.
You took me by surprise. I didn't realize
That you were laughing."
-- The Guess Who, "Laughing"

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