19 December 2007

More Olds news

Rhett Miller, Old 97's frontman just issued a bit more news and some timetables for their new project and his solo effort to follow.

From his brand new e-newsletter:

"I have been in the studio with the 97's for the last three months and we are a couple of weeks away from finishing what promises to be our best album in ten years, if not ever. We are working in Dallas' Pleasantry Lane Studios with Salim Nourallah producing. Sonically, the album is dense and rich. It rocks as much as anything we have ever done.

"I will understand if you are skeptical about the truth of the preceding claims. You have heard a lot of musicians go on about how each album is their best yet (if not THE best yet), but when you finally hear our new record you will remember these words and realize that I was not merely trafficking in hyperbole for the sake of hype. This record has me jazzed. "

Promising, eh? The album is set for release in April, he says. And the band will tour most of the year after that. Meanwhile, he's "stockpiling" songs for the next solo endeavor. Unless he's jumping in the studio immediately for the solo thing, I wouldn't expect to see that record until much later in the year.

Sadly, they've taken the MP3 downloads offa the Old 97's redesigned Web page, which I linked to in my previous post. But there's a player there now, where you can still check 'em out.

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Isabel said...

I just got the newsletter and reading Rhett talk about the new album being so awesome made me extra anxious for April to arrive.

Happy Holidays!