26 December 2007

More time in the 'Stockade'

Thought I'd share this stockade story from a Columbusite named Bruce Kemp...

"I enjoyed your article on the 'Columbus Stockade Blues' in this morning’s paper and I wanted to relay a true story on the song.

"Back in the late '90s, Cheryl Ladd was a spokesperson for Buick Motor Company’s Golf Division. One year she was attending the Buick Challenge up at Callaway Gardens and a group of us ended up in the lounge after a long day at the tournament. After a short while, someone asked her to sign for the group. She and her husband readily agreed and jumped up on the stage, where he played the piano and she grabbed the mike. The first tune out of her mouth was 'Columbus Stockade Blues.' Needless to say, we were all stunned.

"When she returned to her seat, we asked how in the world did she select that song to start with. She explained that she was a child growing up during the cold winters in the Dakota’s, her father, Alan Ladd, would teach her songs to sing. 'Columbus Stockade Blues' was the very first song that he taught her and she thought that it was appropriate for the area!"

Thanks, Bruce.

And here's a video that Joe Paull put together for a WLTZ broadcast. It's Rick Edwards and Henry Conley playing the song and talking about it. And yeah, that's my bad shirt and bad hair on the camera. There's also a nice piece where Chitwood tour's the jail. You should see the link at the end of the YouTube video, or click here.

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