07 December 2007

Streets of Philadelphia

Heading up tomorrow to see my buddies in Philadelphia. Mmmmmmm, cheesesteaks. (I'll take mine "whiz wit'," which means Cheez Whiz with onions, thank you.)

Jealous? I'd bring you back a cheesesteak if I thought it wouldn't get funky on the plane. You'd better just make your own.

Last time I was there, I ate at a Burmese restaurant and an Ethiopian place. Hadn't had Ethiopian in probably a decade -- the last time I was in D.C. ... I love the communal bowl, so long as you're with kinda clean friends.


Allison Kennedy said...

Tell 'em we said HEY.

Maggie&Bandit said...

We are firm believers that the communal bowl isn't so bad -- of course we don't have a choice when it comes to the water bowl.