23 December 2007

Two decades, two discs for 'Trinity'

Nearly overlooked this year among all the new releases -- including a great new record by the Cowboy Junkies themselves -- is a re-recording of the Junkies' formative "Trinity Sessions" album. Essentially, the band revisited the old church where they originally recorded the album and "reimagined" the songs. They invited along some great guest artists, including Vic Chesnutt, Natalie Merchant and Ryan Adams -- who probably needed some church time more than anyone else.

"Trinity Revisited" was released in October, and it's an interesting record. The band certainly sounds more mature, which is actually to a (minor) fault in cases where Margo Timmins' fragility was a big asset (particularly in my favorite track off the original record, "Blue Moon Revisisted"). But on other tracks, the confidence of the band makes something new and beautiful out of a song that you thought you knew. Check out the new groove and backbeat on "I Don't Get It."

The new recording is a two-disc set -- one CD and one DVD. Great last-minute Christmas gift for fans.

The Trinity RevisitedCowboy Junkies
"I Don't Get It" (mp3)
from "The Trinity Revisited"
(Cooking Vinyl)

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