04 December 2007

Wandering the Earth? Like Kung Fu?

Pamela Anderson was named TV's sexiest woman ever by AOL Television. (AOL has television?)

She beat out, in order: Farrah Fawcett, Lynda Carter, Heather Locklear, Eva Longoria, Diana Rigg, Barbara Eden, Katherine Heigl, Catherine Bach and Tina Louise. So, whatever Borat might think, the list is suspect. Hell, they got the wrong castaway and the wrong Angel du Charlie (Jaclyn Smith would've been the right one, FYI). I'd also take Nicole Eggert or Yasmine Bleeth over Pammy. She was pretty back in her "Tool Time" days, though.

When asked if she was surprised that "Baywatch's" CJ had become such an icon, she seriously responded thusly: "I never really thought about it while I was on the show, but as I wander around the Earth I realize how many people really knew and loved that character."

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