23 December 2007

Way down in Columbus, Georgia

A lot of folks know, maybe, that I'd been working since February or early March on a piece commemorating the 80th anniversary of the old-timey song "Columbus Stockade Blues." Fellow reporter Tim Chitwood has been tackling the history of the stockade itself, which still stands.

Hadn't been working on it full-time, obviously, but on-and-off. Well, the story finally saw the light of day. Or maybe I should say it saw the dark of ink.

*You can see my story here.
*You can see Tim's piece here.
*And photographer Mike Haskey made a loverly slideshow set to music, graciously performed by Rick Edwards and Henry Conley. Actually having trouble finding it online, but if it's not up, I'll make sure it gets there tomorrow and post the link.

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