22 December 2007

Wrapper's delight

Wrapping the presents is not my favorite part of the season, I'll admit. I'm a little OCD about that sort of thing. Crisp lines, sharp corners and all that. Wrapping soft, poofy things -- of which had I had four of in my charge this year -- give me the jibblies.

The most important thing to successful wrapping is good paper. I always go out to the after Christmas sales and pick up a few rolls to have for next year. Martha Stewart's stuff, from Kmart, never let me down.

Until this year.

Maybe the quality dropped while she was in the pokey, therefore not around to go all Hitler on her quivering underlings. But two of the rolls I bought last year were that horrid thin paper. The kind that just rips when you try to pull a corner. Bitch.

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