24 January 2008

Best song featuring 'Bologna'

"I started in Bologna,
when I stepped between the lights.

I thought I'd lost my charisma.
My life flashed before my eyes.
The communists rejected me.
I didn't fit their plan.

And anyway I must assume
they're anti-American"

-- T Bone Burnett, "Euromad"

I got T Bone's autograph once. Actually got to have dinner with him before his then-wife, Sam Phillips, performed a festival. He signed a CD book thusly:


T.B.-One, like his hip-hop alter-ego. Odd bird. It was a great night.


Jenn said...

You should start tagging your columns B-Rad in TB One's honor....

Brad Barnes said...

My name is also an anagram for D-bra. Sexxxy, no?

Ban Dit said...