30 January 2008

Bloated Elvis

Don't know when I'll be over my mancrush on Elvis Costello. Don't really care. The news is, Hip-O Records is preparing to release a Deluxe Edition of "This Year's Model." This is good news. Sort of.

To explain, let me give a little history of the record. It was Costello's second release. It hit No. 30 on Billboard's pop charts. In America, the schmucks dropped two fine cuts, "(I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea" and "Night Rally" as "too British" (imagine!), and added the fabulous "Radio Radio." If that weren't confusing enough, a Rykodisc CD release added six bonus tracks in 1993. Rhino issued another edition with a full 12-track disc of bonus material.

Now comes the Hip-O release with a total of -- wait for it -- 40 tracks. The bonus stuff include 11 B-sides and rareties, plus an entire concert. Too much? Maybe. But let's not forget that this album was voted No. 98 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. If that means anything to you. So if you haven't heard the record, this sure as hell ought to be the definitive edition. It's out March Fourth, the date that's also a command.

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