03 January 2008


I mean, beads!!!

Mardi Gras is scary early, this year. Fat Tuesday, proper, is Feb. 5. Seriously. February 5. Carnival, as always, begins on Jan. 6, and so does the first bead-catching, boob-baring parade. The heavy-duty parades kick in on Jan. 25. Here's the Times-Picayune's site, if anyone wants the schedules.

It's a good year to plan a trip to the city that's still suffering the effects of Hurricane Katrina, I think. I haven't been back to the Big Easy in probably eight years, and at only six hours away, it's due. Now let me just Google the number for the Prytania Inn...


Freddie Sirmans said...

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Brad Barnes said...

thanks freddie. tell all your friends!