21 January 2008

Costa la vista, bored ears

What a great week for new music. We've got:

* The Drive-By Truckers' "Brighter Than Creation's Dark." No musician likes doing what he does more than Patterson Hood (see picture, right). Nineteen tracks of nouveau Southern rock may be overkill, but I haven't heard filler among the five cuts I've already listened to. Definitely sounds like an improvement over 2006's "A Blessing and a Curse."

* Matt Costa's "Unfamiliar Faces." This guy writes great pop songs. Jack Johnson's label signed him, and he's a far more interesting (read: Beatlesque) songwriter than Curious Jack. Listen and buy.

* Sean Costello's "We Can Get Together." This Atlanta bluesman is not even 30, and he's got the guitar chops of a vet. And his voice is getting better and more weathered with age.

We Can Get TogetherSean Costello
"How in the Devil" (mp3)
from "We Can Get Together"
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