21 January 2008

Good head

So Militia, who we all know as the new American Gladiator revealed to be a gay porn star before getting his new gig, is now under endorsement with HeadBlade — "the world's leader in head-care and men's products." (Insert laugh track here.) So, uh, move over Howie Mandel.

The company president, Todd Greene, further states that Militia, nee Alex Castro, "will play an important role enhancing our lifestyle brand across multiple media platforms as he continues to redefine the modern-era gladiator competition."

Lifestyle brand? I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think Greene is suggesting that all bald men are gay.

(I also feel required, in the interest of full disclosure, to point out that there's also a HeadBlade endorsee named, seriously, Luggnutz.)

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