01 January 2008

Have a hap-hap-happy new year

Let's drink a cup of kindness. And by kindness I mean, of course, "spiked egg nog."

This cut's a bit cheesy, mayhaps. Oh well. Actually, what I like best about this record is there are a couple of the rarer Xmas carols, like "Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella," and "Children Where Shall I Send Thee." And who could forget that old fireside chestnut, "Personet Hodie." (?)

I'll tell you where I shall send CDs with Xmas carols after this post: To the big box of ornaments and seasonal decorations, until next year.

A Celtic Noel - Christmas FavoritesCharlie Sanders & The London Fox Players
"Auld Lang Syne" (mp3)
from "A Celtic Noel - Christmas Favorites"
(Classic Fox Records)

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tybeedawg@yahoo.com said...

Have you ever heard Jackson Browne's "The Rebel Jesus?"

"I wish you peace from a heathen and a pagan..." now THERE'S a line you don't normally hear in a Christmas carol!

Brad Barnes said...

Or the Robert Earl Keen opening line: "Mom got drunk and dad got drunk, at our Christmas party."