09 January 2008

Home of the Thickburgerito

In honor of my coworkers Sone-dog's birthday, I brought her a breakfast burrito from Hardee's. It's part of our quest to find the tastiest breakfast burrito around. So I'm calling it her breakfast birth-rito. Sounds yummy. (?)

First of all, Hardee's must be the only fast food restaurant what doesn't have a slogan, unless you count "Home of the Thickburger." And don't. But whatever.

So we each tried the Loaded Breakfast Burrito, thus avoiding the dangerous looking item called the Country Breakfast Burrito, which puts milk gravy in the tortilla. Effin' gross. The loaded one was simpler -- scrambled eggs, chunks of meat (ham, bacon and sausage, not overloaded), and lots of cheese. And this was real cheese, not a Kraft single cheez (tm) product. There was a beauty in this simplicity. It was tastier than the McD's one, by far. But I couldn't help but wonder what a little bit of hash brown potato would've done for it...

So so far the standings are: (1) Whataburger's Potato and Egg Taquito, (2) Hardee's Country Breakfast Burrito, (3) McDonald's McSkillet Burrito, (4) SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito. More to come, if'n I don't keel over first.

Happy Birthday, Sonya.

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