07 January 2008

More like 'streak-o'-fat'

I wrote a piece for Sunday on the hard-to-find cut of pig that old-timers call streak-o'-lean. There's even pictures! Here's the story.

The story has generated a lot of feedback, for whatever reason. My favorite was an anonymous phone message from a fellow who said: "You talk about that streak-o'-lean, you're talking about some eating. And don't worry about your collards. Get you about two pound or three pounds of red beans and throw a chunk of it in it. You ain't gonna be very popular, but boy is that some good eatin'. And top that off with about two good thick swatches of Vidalia onion — momma! And top that off with some good, old baked cornbread..."

Here's an awesome, twisted video of a song called "Streak o' Lean, Streak o' Fat" by the all-chick band Uncle Earl. Twenty cool points to the first person to recognize the guy playing the honky-tonk pie-anny.

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