08 January 2008

So cold in Alaska

With my continuing fascination with our 49th state, I went to see the film. "The Last Winter" Monday night.

The New York Times gave this low-budget horror film a glowing review, and I was pretty psyched. The downside to reading glowing reviews from great writers is, sometimes the movies don't live up to the hype. "Winter" was very good, but it wasn't the formative, life-changing icy thriller I'd expected.

Set in north Alaska, near the Arctic Circle, the movie follows a team working to find pockets of oil for a large petroleum company. But the weather's inexplicably warm (by arctic standards, at least) and thawing the permafrost. And strange stuff starts happening... The beastly Ron Perlman's the only name of note among the fine cast. The movie does a very good job of leaving it up to the viewer to decide whether there's a real monster or whether it's all in the heads of the crew -- all the while, making a point that the real monsters are harder to escape, anywhere in the world.

It's worth your six bucks, Columbus readers. It's playing at the Peachtree 8 through Thursday.

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