13 January 2008

Sunday Spins

Haven't had many quiet weekends lately, what with the holidays, the travel and the like. So it's been too long since I've been able to pull out a handful of old CDs begging for a fresh listen, file 'em in the changer, and play. Today's different.
Here's an edition for (or at least from) the ladies... Here's what's on shuffle:

* Victoria Williams, "Swing the Statue": Pearl Jammies know her because P.J. recorded "Crazy Mary" for a tribute album to raise money for Williams' medical expenses back when. For my money, "Why Look at the Moon," on this record might be her finest song. There's also a great cover of Marvin Etzioni's (of Lone Justice fame) "Can't Cry Hard Enough" on here.

* The Innocence Mission, eponymous: Their 1989 debut still stands as one of their best records. Especially the run of four tracks from "You Chase the Light" to "Wonder Of Birds." Karen Peris' voice is clear and fragile as fine crystal.

* Crash Vegas, "Stone": Criminal that this band never got much recognition. Michelle McAdory's voice is the opposite of Peris'. Smoky and sultry, like a more knowing version of Margo Timmins. She's still around, 14 years after this album.

* Frogpond, "Count To Ten": Their sophomore and final record. These guys were reminiscent of The Breeders, but their live show really kicked. All-chick punk-rock is so hot. Saw them at Sluggo's, eons back, and was blown away by the energy. (And the drummer's hotness, I'll admit.) "Be" and "Waiting for a Friend" are the best cuts. The band's gone, but two have carried on.

* Maria McKee, "Scarlover": My favorite vixen. This is the record where she transformed herself from alt-country to some sort of freaky David Bowie spawn. It's wonderful. When "Absolutely Barking Stars" hits the bridge between the first two verses and the guitar squawks power chords with glorious abandon... well, it's a good time.

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