31 January 2008

Tilde end of the world

So Jenn's back in school. I'm jealous. Or, at least I was until she e-mailed me this list of questions her fellow students actually asked the Spanish teacher before today's test:

1. "Do we actually have to know the numbers?"
2. "We don't need to know accent marks, do we?"
3. "Do we need to know how to spell the vocabulary?"

and, Jenn's personal favorite:
4. "Oral questions? But what if we can't understand the Spanish?"

Let me 'splain, La Cucuracha, if you don't understand the Spanish, you fail. Comprende?

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1 comment:

Maggie&Bandit said...

We're pretty sure that's NOT Aunt Jenn in that picture. If it is, school's already taking a very heavy toll.