29 February 2008

69 gum songs

OK, I'm not proud that I watched "Don't Forget the Lyrics" last night. But that did afford me the opportunity to see a commercial for Orbit, Extra and Eclipse gum that, I swear to god, had to be a song performed by the Magnetic Fields. Sure sounds like his tinny, echoey voice...

I can't find any confirmation online. Anyone else see it? Any M.F./Stephin Merritt megafans out there what can confirm or deny this?

Here's the YouTube.


Frank R said...

I work as a freelancer and sometimes have the TV on in the background while I work.

As I was rattling away at the keyboard, I swear I heard the Magnetic Fields singing a song endorsing Eclipse gum.

I stopped in time to watch the end of the commercial, then decided to do a random online search. That's how I wound up here.

I can't confirm or deny whether it is the Magnetic Fields, but it certainly sounds like it!

The music snob in me has to know!

Brad Barnes said...

Glad it's not just me, Frank. It's either them or a great homage. I'm dying to know, too.

Anonymous said...

It has to be them! It stood my hair up when I heard it.

Anonymous said...

I, too, was certain when heard it that it was Magnetic Fields, leading me only here... again, nothing to confirm.

Anonymous said...

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