19 February 2008

And on the 66th day?

The press materials for the band 65daysofstatic proclaims the band's third record, "The Fall of Math," exists in a place where "rock, dance and electronica are equals." Problem one is, no band should describe its own sound as vague as "electronica" — a word that means nothing except that there's some keyboards in there. In the broader sense, though, the problem is that New Order occupied that place where rock, dance and electronica were equals, and they did it in the '80s.

So why do we care? Because:
1) those complaints are but quibbles
2) the (largely instrumental) music from these guys is very good. You can hear the J.D./New Order influence, but it's very math-y
3) the band was picked to open for The Cure

Here are the Southern tourdates for The Cure/65d.o.s. — excluding Texas, which doesn't count.
*June 11: Tampa, Fla. - St. Pete Times Forum
*June 12: Orlando, Fla. - The Social
*June 13: Fort Lauderdale, Fla. - Bank Atlantic Center
*June 14: Gainesville, Fla - The Atlantic
*June 15: Atlanta - Gwinnett Civic Center
*June 16: Charlotte, N.C. - Charlotte Bobcats Arena

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