11 February 2008

Austen gritty limits

Public Broadcasting, ever trying to break out of its stuffy image, is — well, it's still doing months on end of Jane-Austen-based productions with "Masterpiece Theatre" Sunday nights. But at least they're having some fun with it.

To wit, here's their "Men of Jane Austen" competition. It come complete with Facebook-style profile pics of potential suitors, each listed with occupation, income, hobbies, etc. ("Decisions, decisions. Christopher is into falconry, but William plays whist!") You can vote for your man, and see who's most popular. Or, secondmost popular, since Darcy's the obvious No. 1 choice for the ladies. Here's their main site on The Complete Jane Austen.

It's worth a gander, if you're into men with tall collars and poofy shirts. Me, I'm waiting for the bodice-ripping, chest-heaving companion piece. Rumor has it, if this goes well, they're considering changing the spelling to "Masterpiece Theater," with an "e-r." Scandalous.

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