12 February 2008

Busy day

Got wrapped up in a few things for this week's To Do section, as well as a story in tomorrow's paper on a local girl who's in the new swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. (The loverly Jessica Trainham, at right.) So you'll want to check that out.

I'll be chattier tomorrow. In the meantime, here's today's column, wherein I make a modern-day luv mix disc. What did I leave out, peoples? Post me your additions to the mix. Maybe we can build a Disc 2. (I already thought about Irving's wonderful "L-O-V-E"...)


gspence said...

hey, random non-sequitur:

you heard British Sea Power's latest? I dig it. they sound like they're imitating the national (the bigger sounding songs, anyway)

Brad Barnes said...

got it, but haven't given it a spin yet. i love their first disc.

gspence said...

yeah, the 'decline' is good. I dig 'open season' even more. also recommend: the evangelicals (psychpop), vampire weekend (post-punk-soweto). keep those good reviews coming-