17 February 2008

The 'C' word

It's old news, by now, that Jane Fonda, mental giant that she is, dropped the C-bomb on the Today show last week. Unbleeped in Central and Eastern time zones. Very slightly in her defense, it was the name of a play (assumingly a feminist one) that she was asked to be in, and she was talking with Meredith Vieira about "The Vagina Monologues." So it wasn't like Tourett's or anything.

This, of course, started a debate in the vicinity of my cube over whether there was any word more offensive than the "C" word. Which led us to wonder how many bands have written songs with that word in it.

Several, says iTunes, who also report at least one band using the word in its name. After the word "anal." ... This Newton, Mass., hardcore band may be the most offensive band ever, but they've truly got a wicked sense of humor. Some of the song titles on their last record, "Defenders of the Hate" include "All Our Fans Are Gay," "Limp Bizkit Think They're Black, but They're Just Gay," "You Were Too Ugly to Rape, so I Just Beat the (Crap) Out of You" and my favorite, "You Converted to Judaism so a Guy Would Touch Your (Penis)."

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