22 February 2008

Clockworks and cold steel

Because Bono's ego cannot be confined to a flat movie screen. That's my guess as to why we've got "U2 3D," premiering today in Columbus.

Nevertheless, as an '80s adolescent, I'm giddy as a schoolgirl about seeing the concert tonight. This is fuel to the fodder, I suppose, of the guy (?) claiming to be "Brad's gay lover" who left a comment saying "U2 is a gay band only listened to by gay men." Whatever. Gay men's wives, too, I suppose, since Jenn's just as excited as I am. I can only imagine what he might've said if I'd written about going to see the "Hannah Montana" film. (Which I didn't. And didn't want to. She's at least 2 years from when I'm legally allowed to say she's hot. And by then, I'll be legally allowed to admit that Emma Watson is way hotter.)

Look for my thoughts on the show in Tuesday's column in the real paper.

Bono reveals he's written a sequel to "One." It's called "Two."


TybeeDawg said...

We saw it Saturday night. We enjoyed it, as did the other four people in the audience. I thought the performance was excellent, and the 3D effects were well-done. I especially liked the extension of the video screens into my skull, and the overlapping shots (close-up fading into a long-shot, for example, were very nice).

Brad Barnes said...

I dug it, too. I really liked the social message they managed to weave the songs into. ... And the overlapping shots you're talking about was the best use of 3-D I've seen yet.

Unfortunately, only about 11 other people saw it at 7:30 Friday. Sorry to hear your turnout was even worse...