21 February 2008

Do-Nanny becomes Doo-Nanny

There's been great debate, over the years, over whether the region's best folk art festival is the Outsider's Outside Do-Nanny or the Outsiders Outside Doo-Nanny. I always went with the former, since that's how Pittsview "Mayor" Frank Turner — the guy who put on the event — always spellt it.

This year, folk artist Butch Anthony is moving the event to his place (Frank's been threatening to drop out of doing it for years), and Butch has always favored to Doo. So I guess that's what we'll go with.

Anyway, all you need to know is, this event is great fun. Some of the hijinks that happen at the fest have made great YouTube fodder in recent years. But my favorite was when Butch advertised once that he'd be butchering and roasting two pigs, named Oxford and Dictionary, but then couldn't bring himself to do it. ("Don't name the pigs if you're gonna kill them," Cathy Fussell advised.)

It's set for march 29 in Seale, Ala. Come shop for inexpensive, primitive artwork by interesting folks. There's more than 60 artists slated, to date. There's free music, and admission is free too. Butch promises short films, some antique furniture, and a "snake-a-torium" booth. Wheee!


Jenn said...

You mean we're going to have our own Alabama Snake House?

Brad Barnes said...


Jett Superior said...

Holy God, it was a great time. Only with the words 'great' and 'time' capilullized.

Will Dockery said...

Brad, where are you, these days?