22 February 2008

Hi-def video, in English

Found a Q&A hosted by the Washington Post that does a good job of explaining Blu-Ray disc players (and the outgoing HD-DVD format) for anyone who's curious about what you'll get for your investment. The issue is further confused by "upconverting" DVD players, which make standard-def DVDs look better on an HD set than they do on your old picture tube.

That said, Phillip Swann, president and CEO of TVPredictions.com, expressed the difference more plainly than I'd ever seen it, when he said:

"If I had to rate the picture quality, with Blu-ray being a 10, the upconverting DVD player is a 6 and a standard-def DVD player is a 4. In other words, if picture quality matters to you, the high-def DVD player is the way to go."

He also predicts a $200 Blu-Ray player in time for the holidays. The whole article is here.

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