18 February 2008

No foolin' — we hope

Since Harrison Ford, Spielberg and Lucas saw fit to revive "Indiana Jones" now, the guys from R.E.M. — a band of the same era — have recorded a new record too. And so have the B-52s, come to think of it. Could this be the year of the old-timer uprising from Athens?

The new R.E.M. is called "Accelerate," with a street date of April 1. You can buy the first single for a buck at Amazon and watch the video there for free. Or if you poke around the right Web site, you can find a music blog offering you the new song ("Supernatural Superserious") for free. The band has launched a Web site, too, with free video downloads in support of the new record.

Based on the one song, I hesitate to say the album is a throwback. But "Superserious" does feature a real drummer (Peter Buck's bud Bill Rieflin, who's been their touring sticksman for a while. Bill Berry was finally consumed by his monobrow, we understand), an aggressive guitar line, and those sweet harmonies by Mike Mills that marked the band's high-water mark record. (Uh, that'd be "Document.") So I'm hoping for good things.

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TybeeDawg said...

Thanks for the tip -- haven't been impressed with the boys lately, so hopefully this one will do it. I was in school in Athens in 80 & 81 so I got a regular dose of REM during that time.

As you know, there's still a lot of good music crawling from the town, like the Dexateens (okay, technically Alabama boys, but whatever) and Sleepy Horses (okay, they moved from Texas but whatever) and the Whigs (see, Athens boys).